Panorama - Folegandros
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Folegandros is the southernmost island in the west Cyclades, situated between Sikinos and Milos. It is also known by the name "Polykandros".
It has been inhabited since prehistoric times and its first settlers are considered to be Phoenicians. Later on, settlers from Crete lead by the son of Mino,
Folegandrus, arrived at the island, which also had its name changed.
The capital is built at the top of a steep hill. A traditional settlement of authentic
Cycladic architecture, it has the distinctive Aegean white houses, the small squares and the chapels. An important sight is the village of Kastro built in the 13th century to protect the people of the island from pirates.
The houses themselves, on the outer skirts, are part of the wall and protect
the settlement. Inside Kastro, visit the churches of Agia Sofia, Pantanassa and Agia Eleousa. Quite interesting too is the church of Agia Aikaterini, Theoskepasti, Agios Antonios and the Metropolis of Agios Nikolaos. The most famous out of the churches is the one of Saint Mary's Slumber, built on a rock above the capital.
It is built upon an ancient temple, parts of which were used as building material for the church.
The port is Karavostasi, 3 kilometers from the capital. You can visit the sandy beach of Chochlidia and the Chrisospilia cave, accessible by boat,
one of the largest caves in Greece.
Ano Meria is in the north, a more or less under-populated area comprising
of "themonies", scattered cottages made of stone. The Ecological & Folk Art Museum is housed in one of these buildings and offers an impressive view on how
the traditional farmer cottage was, including a cellar, oven, stable house, etc.
The Lighthouse of Asprounta is an all-white structure from 1919. In the north, in the area of Kastelos, research has uncovered the remains of a prehistoric settlement, as well as some buildings belonging to an ancient acropolis in Palaiokastro.
You can choose among many beautiful beaches, such Livadaki, Katergo, Vardia, Agkali, Ampeli, Pountaki, Agios Georgios, Voreina and Serfiotiko.
Folegandros is famous for the top-quality dairy products. A special local dish is meat cooked with "matsata" pasta and sauce, as well as the pies. Fine qualities of red and white wine are found in Folegandros.